There is no any type of refund features, regarding refund please write us on Support team will help you.

Cancellation Policy

This is to inform you that we are charging a cancellation fee of N100 (In future not nowadays) whenever you cancel a ride after 4 minutes of booking. The cancellation fee will be charged from your linked Credit Card or on your next ride.

Why are we charging for cancellation?

Since customer cancels their rides frequently, it was unfair on the driver’s part & due to this, they are less likely to accept the pickups. Also, the Driver must bear the loss of fuel as well as time once they have started the journey towards your pickup. It has also increased the number of calls between Driver’s and customers to confirm the pickup.

Terms & Conditions:

1. If you cancelled within 2 minutes, you won’t be charged.

2. If you cancelled the ride after 4 minutes, you will be charged N100

3. If you are unreachable or Driver was unable to get in touch with you, you will be charged cancellation fee.

NOTE – In case of wrong amount charged, the amount will be credited into your bank account by Airdrops Support.

For any queries related to the cancellation policy, write us at, we’ll be happy to answer.

You are valuable to us and we hope you will acknowledge our step towards a better experience for our customers as well as Drivers.